LIGHTINGS - Friends of Shiva
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At Friends of Shiva, we believe in creating enduring experiences for our clients that command the attention and devotion of their audience and live as part of their lives. In terms of design, options, flexibility and reliability, Friends if Shiva  is an innovator, leading the entertainment lighting industry.

We provide a wide range of updated, high end and best quality stage lightnings fit for concerts, shows and small events.


Some of our lighting equipment include:

Clay Paky/ SGM/ PR Lighting

Moving Head Spots & Washes

Color labs

Victory 250-II

Long and Short Throw Follow Spots

DMX Strobes

Haze/ Smoke machines

Avolite Pearl Board

Gudalite Pearl 2008 Boards

SGM Scan Controller

Alpha Beam Spots

A Torch Light # just incase

From designing to setup, execution to breakdown, FOS provides a full end-to-end package. Along with delivering designs with artistic impact, we also take in to consideration matters of time, space, budget and technical resources.

If you are interested in contacting Friends Of Shiva

for your Event, Performance, Production or Rentals